Project Overview

"Eldrich Study" is an artistic interpretation and render of a cabinet of curiosity from the early 1900's. Due to a cross-continental relocation the study remains unfinished but the rummaged draws and exposed objects hint at the engaged, exciting and intensity that the personal collections held in cabinets of curiosity can illicit. Further development is proposed in the future.  The study can also be interacted with here. 

The Visualization

Judges' Comments

The judges were struck by the immediate recognisability of the work and the mood which it managed to set despite the relative simplicity of the scene. They thoroughly appreciated the artistic merit and technical capability displayed in the work and complimented the sense of curiosity it evoked, stipulating that they would love the ability to jump into the scene to explore it more. The judges further complimented the conscientious research Byron had done at various museums during construction and appreciated the opportunity to engage with the creative practice and outcomes of those external to the heritage profession. 

About the Creator

G Byron WIlliams is an (very recently) Australian based environment artist for video-game projects. 

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick