Project Overview

Phalanx is a sleek piece of vector artwork inspired by the greek collections at a plethora of museums. The Visualization, created by Peter Martingell, features layers of soldiers, with spears held aloft, who are flanked by the artifacts of war. At their feet a band inspired by the pottery patterns so often seen amongst greek collections at museums can be seen. 

The Visualization

Judges' Comments

The judges enjoyed the aesthetic of the visualisation – especially the bold colours, visual cohesion and implementation of the pottery pattern. It was further commented that the piece was an interesting take on the theme which required careful observation to unpack the layers fully. 

About the Authour

Peter is "A guy who codes as my day job, doing vector art outside of (and sometimes during) work, regarding heritage visualisation I met someone at a previous gamejam, made friends, and she mentioned it on her social media page, otherwise I never thought of it a thing until I just read it in the update post."

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick