Project Overview

"Shelf 83" is a clever implementation of QR codes and Soundcloud links to make the books on shelf 83 at the Yorkshire Museum able to be read and listened to without having to move the delicate artifacts. 

The Visualization

Judges' Comments

Our judges complimented the brilliant integration of a well-established low-impact digital technology (QR codes) to solve a real-world problem in an elegant and efficient way. The integration with google-books and sound-cloud was highly praised as a way to make the volumes accessible to a wide array of audiences, furthermore, it was noted by our judges that whilst the QR codes would be exceptionally useful for providing museum attendees access to the books in-situ there was also the exciting potential to (as has been done in the picture) reconstruct the library for access online, or alternatively to curate the books into different arrangements in a digital space.  The clarity of the paradata combined with the elegant simplicity and potential for real-world impact led our judges to present “Shelf 83” with a “Highly Commended” award for the 2015 Heritage Jam. 


About the Creator

I am a collaborative doctoral student with the University of York and the National Archives studying information seeking and the design of digital systems to better support archival research. Prior to commencing my doctoral work in 2012, I worked for six years in Education and Outreach at the National Archives, where I organised the Archives’ first hack day (Hack on the Record), created and ran the @ukwarcabinet twitter project and brought the Archives into Flickr Commons. I also collaborated with Wikimedia UK on the ‘This Means War’ project to digitise WWII propaganda.

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick