This week we are so excited to announce five of our fantastic partners for the Heritage Jam 2015 - The Department of Archaeology: University of York, Yorkshire Museum, YorNight, Mavin and Bivouac. As such the blog post this week will put these partners into the spotlight. As always we appreciate your tweets, forwards, likes and favourites (especially ones which include our fabulous partners) - and remember to include the #THJ2015 hashtag!

The Department of Archaeology: University of York

The Department of Archaeology at the University of York has been instrumental in facilitating and supporting the Heritage Jam since its inception in 2014. The department has been recognised internationally as a centre for excellence and innovation in teaching and research - and it is this passion and innovation from which the Heritage Jam draws its roots. This year the department has once again gone above and beyond to support the innovation and development of heritage visualisation through their continued support of the jam. This year the department will also graciously open its doors as the location for our in-person jammers - an unprecedented opportunity to work, play and sleep-over in a beautiful Grade I listed building which hosts some truly cutting-edge research. We encourage you to check out the department's home page, research log and twitter as there is some fantastic inspiration for the 2015 "Museums and Collections" theme to be found on there.

Yorkshire Museum

The Yorkshire Museum can be found in the striking Georgian era building situated in a stunning garden setting adjacent to the impressive ruins of St Mary's Abbey - all of which is conveniently just a stone's throw away from the University of York's Archaeology Department. The museum has graciously partnered up with #THJ2015 to provide an exciting opportunity for our in-person jammers to get behind the scenes to chat with a curator and take part in a tour of some of their fantastic collections. For those of you working online, or looking for a little bit of early inspiration, the Yorkshire Museum also has a brilliant set of online collections which are hosted and accessible through their website. The museum can also be found on twitter - and we encourage you to follow, tweet and share work inspired by their incredible collections.

Image Credit: Kaly99 via wikipaedia:

Image Credit: Kaly99 via wikipaedia:


The Heritage Jam is running alongside the fantastic YorNight research night, which promises fun activities across a wide range of topics (including #THJ2015) starting from 5.00pm on the 25th of September. Thanks to this great partner our in-person jammers will have the opportunity to showcase their prototypes to the YorNight attendees, getting valuable feedback and engagement on their designs and visualisations as they create. A space will also be set up to showcase the online jam entries, providing valuable exposure, feedback and engagement with a wide array of researchers, industry experts and members of the general public.

Those attending the in-person jam will have the opportunity to attend other sessions on the night - so be sure to check out the YorNight website and twitter.


The Heritage Jam believes that working alongside industrial partners external to the academic or heritage sectors provides interesting avenues for researching and developing visualisations. For 2015 we are excited to partner-up with the computing specialists - Mavin - who are graciously assisting with prizes for our in-person jammers. Be sure to check out their web-space and follow along on social media for inspiration grounded in the digital industry.


Our final partner to be announced this week is the brilliant, York based, Bivouac - a design company with significant experience designing and developing visualisations for heritage partners. Our jammers will have the opportunity to have their works viewed and judged by one of the country's leaders in heritage visualisations, gaining much sought after feedback from those actively shaping and implementing heritage visualisations on the ground right now. Our in-person jammers who are coming to York for an extended stay will also have the opportunity to check out some of their visualisations at heritage sites around the city - including designs installed at the National Railway Museum, Cold War Bunker, Merchant Adventurers Hall and The Army Museum. For more information, examples and ideas of current heritage visualisations check out their web-space and social media sites.

We would like to extend our thanks to all our fantastic partners for their enthusiasm and support for the 2015 Heritage Jam - we are excited to be able to extend our impact to academic, industry, public and creative sectors and we look forward to working alongside you to grow, challenge and pursue innovation in heritage visualisation.

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick