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"Jamming" is a relatively new concept for heritage studies. This week the blog post will introduce some key concepts and highlight what you can expect from the 2015 In Person portion of the Jam!

Ok, so what exactly is a ‘Jam’

A jam is when people with a common interest (in this case heritage) come together for a limited time period in order to bounce ideas off each other, plan, design and create a response to the Jam’s particular theme. We’ll be releasing the theme week beginning 17th August, so follow us on Twitter or Facebook or join our mailing list to make sure you get updates as they’re published.

The 2015 York University Heritage Jam is running as two competitions, one online - from the 20th of August till the 24th of September - and the other in-person (which will be the focus of this post), for two days – Friday 25 – Saturday 26th September. Set aside time for the online or in-person events (or both) and be part of an exciting, creative activity, culminating in an interactive exhibition of all the projects produced over the course of the Jam.

What experience or skills do I need?

None! All you need is an interest in history and heritage and a desire to make something! That’s the beauty of jamming - you get to meet and if you want to, collaborate, with a wide mix of people. Some jammers may have specialist skills such as programming or digital modelling, some may be poets or artists and others will have hands on practical skills. You bring to the jam whatever skills, knowledge and inspiration you have, and you leave with a whole lot more. The emphasis is on exploring ideas, learning new things and generally having a good time with like-minded people who want to do creative stuff related to heritage.

So, can I come on my own or do I need to be part of a team?

You can do either. You can come on your own and work on your own if you wish. Or, if you want to work as a team, but don’t have others to come with, that’s no problem - we can help you find a team when you arrive, or feel free to search out and pre-plan a team through the forums (which will be opening soon!). Alternatively if you’re already sorted with a team, that’s great too, you can start creating from the 20th of August for the online competition, or come along together for the in-person event.

Are materials provided?

We’ll supply stationery such as pens and paper and the very important power strips. If you want to use a computer, you will need to bring your own laptop and any specialist equipment you think you’re going to want. You are responsible for any equipment you bring with you. There’s a great list of online visualisation tools and Apps on our Resources page to get your creative juices flowing.

Ok, this is sounding great, but how much does it cost?

The Heritage Jam is FREE. Yes, that’s right, it’s free to participate ☺

What about food?

2014 Entry: Death (and burial) by Chocolate - Triptych - A.J. Bailey

2014 Entry: Death (and burial) by Chocolate - Triptych - A.J. Bailey

The Heritage Jam will provide snacks and light refreshments (and stay tuned for further announcements next week!). The refectory in Kings Manor will be open on Friday and sells hot and cold drinks and food. The in-person jam location is right in the heart of York, with plenty of lovely cafes, pubs and restaurants around, as well as corner supermarkets nearby.

How do I get there?

This year the in-person jam is being held at the home of the Department of Archaeology: the historic Kings Manor, York (YO1 7EP)

We are a 10 minute walk from the train station and there are several car-parks available near by for those who wish to drive. A more detailed list will be posted closer to the time.

Where can I stay?

We have some exciting news coming soon - follow the updates on Twitter, Facebook and the website over the next few weeks for more information on this.

How do I sign up?

Sign up will open on the 20th August 2015. Again, follow us on social media or join the mailing list to keep up to date with news:



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