We have a little over a week now before our Online Jammers need to submit their visualizations - those of you signed up through the website will have recieved the following information in an email, but we thought we had better post it here just in case as well!

Important Dates and Info:

Submission for the online jam closes at midnight (GMT +1) on the 24th of September 2015 but you can submit at anytime before that, following the instructions laid out below.

To submit your piece please attach it / link to a download for it in an email and send it to heritagejamyork@gmail.com along with the supporting documentation and information outlined below.

Projects can be in any state of completion: from first drafts and rough sketched ideas through to fully implemented projects - just be sure to explain it briefly in your paradata document!

If you are competing as part of a team please nominate one person to submit on your behalf! No need to double up. 

Checklist for Submitting: 

  • The project
    • Zipped file containing the files and / or a link to a repository where we can download it (for example googledrive)
    • Instructions for how to install / run / open the project if applicable
    • If the project is unfinished / draft stage please submit the most stable / complete entry with a brief note explaining the state of the piece
    • If the project is unstable / unfinished please write into your paradata the further development requirements and consider submitting the source files for the project
    • If your project is physical / requires specialist equipment to run / is tied to a particular location please send us documentation of it in use so our judges and viewers can get an impression of the project. For example a video of it in use, photos of it installed etc.
    • If you have any questions related to submitting the project please get in contact with us. 
  • Source Files
    • Submitting source files is optional but encouraged. 
    • “Source file” refers to the in-progress piece which can be opened in the editor/s you were using to create the piece.
  • Images / videos for the Gallery
    • One of more images or videos that can be used as the header information for the website gallery as an introduction to your project
    • If your project is a image (poster, photo, artwork) you might also want to submit an additional image (close-up of features, progress picture etc) which could also be featured on the site
    • If your project is not visual in nature (ie it is audio / text based) please consider submitting an image of the construction process or an image which otherwise represents the project in some way
  • Brief Bio and CC info
    • A brief bio of yourself (and your team-mates if applicable), your relationship to heritage visualisation and any links to professional / personal webspaces or social media you want to appear on your submission.
    • Please include with your bio a note about any additional CC or acknowledgements  and which part of the project they apply to - if you have used 3rd party assets please acknowledge them here too.
    • For more on the CC information regarding THJ2015's use of your project please refer to our content policy: http://www.heritagejam.org/policies/ 


  • Paradata
    • A document of no more than 1000 words that outlines the micro and macro data involved in creating the project
    • Paradata is meant to be a quick, fun and informative snapshot into what you made and why. 
    • You can submit your paradata as pictures, comics, words – feel free to be creative but remember it is supposed to be a short overview of your project and processes not an exhaustive list!
    • Some questions you might want to briefly outline in your paradata are:
      • Why has the resource been created and for what audience?
      • How will the resource be put to use? Is it accessible?
      • Why did you choose to approach the topic in the way you did? (IE: impressionistic, analogue, schematic etc)
      • What were the basic steps you went through to produce the piece?
      • What source material / supporting evidence did you use?
      • Have you acknowledged uncertainty in the resource? How did you manage ideas of interpretation?
    • For more information on paradata refer to: http://www.heritagejam.org/resources-1/
    • For examples of paradata please check out any of the 2014 entries here: http://www.heritagejam.org/2014-entries/

What Happens Once You Submit?

Once you have submitted the THJ Organising Team will process your entry and place it in the Online Gallery where others will be able to view and comment on it. We will email you with a link once your entry has gone live so you can share it. 

Your entry will be exhibited at the YORNight expo, held at the University of York's Department of Archaeology on the evening of the 25th of September. 

All entries - both online and in-person will be judged by a panel of heritage visualisation specialists on the 26th of September and results announced immediately after. 

Feel free to share your project as it is in progress by using the twitter and facebook hashtags #THJ2015 or by posting in the forums, and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via any of the ways listed on the contact page (http://www.heritagejam.org/contact-1/).

We encourage you to share, comment and compliment other jammers as they post their work!


AuthorIan Kirkpatrick