After the museum trip our jammers returned to King’s Manor to flesh out their concepts and start working on their projects. The three teams have come up with three distinct and intellectually stimulating projects:

The first team has come up with the idea of creating an app which uses characters from the Yorkshire Museum collections to interface the viewer with items from the ADS archives and places around the city - taking the individual pieces and geo-locating them around the city-scape of York. The app is to be based on Llama Digital’s “” framework and will leverage GPS and iBeacon technology to activate the data as the user moves around the space.

The second team has ambitiously started to work on a video-game based upon the god-figures held in the Yorkshire Museum - starting with the god “Genius” you must figure out what offerings you require to appease him, using the ivory bangle lady as your guide. At each level up you will move on to a new god - a new piece of the collection.

The final project on the go is an augmented reality app which will allow museum goers to view objects behind glass and from the ADS catalogues from all angles, add them to a personal collection with tie-ins to twitter and gamification avenues.

Overall the creativity, inspiration and teamwork has been incredibly positive today - we are now settling in for the overnight portion of the jam which includes the unprecedented opportunity to sleepover in the historic King’s Manor!

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick