1. Create Your Project!

You can create and submit anything you wish - we welcome innovative work in all media forms. In past years we have had edible visualisations (a burial cake and jamming with jam!), digital projects, artworks and physical installations.

Sometimes this may be digital or other times it could involve getting your hands dirty!


Here is a work-in-progress image from our very own Tara Copplestone’s 2017 Heritage Jam Entry.

2. Create Your Paradata

The next step in the process is to create a paradata to accompany your visualisation. A document of no more than 1000 words that outlines the micro and macro data involved in creating the project. Paradata is meant to be a quick, fun and informative snapshot into what you made and why.

You can submit your paradata as pictures, comics, words – feel free to be creative but remember it is supposed to be a short overview of your project and processes not an exhaustive list!

Here is an example of a paradata again from Tara’s project ‘Bones’ - The paradata document can be as short or long as you wish!:


3. Add a brief bio

Let us know who you are! One or two sentences explaining who you are and what you do, feel free to include any links that you want made public on our webspace! This bio should be saved as a read / write file or added to the body of your email (this enables us to upload it easily to the site!).


4. Include any instructions for running / opening / using your visualisation

If your project has rules or dependencies (for example, specific programs that it needs to run) then please include a short checklist of these that we can upload alongside your file.

5. Zip it into a folder, or upload it to googledrive

Once you have documented your creation, and written your Paradata in order to sent it over to us, you should put it into a Zip file, which will allow you to send over big files at a smaller file size!


If you prefer, you can upload your project to a google drive and then share the link with us!

6. EMail it to THJ

Once you have compressed your work down into a zip folder, you need to send everything over to the Heritage Jam team, via our e-mail: heritagejamyork.gmail.com

fake e-mail.PNG


7. Confirmation e-mail

Once we have received your submission we will send you an e-mail to confirm this, and to let you know we are able to access all the information.

8. We put it online!

The final step in submitting your work to the Heritage Jam is your work being processed and place onto our website! We will be doing this continuously as submissions come through, so make sure to keep an eye out for yours being put up! You will be able to find them via this link: http://www.heritagejam.org/2017-entries/


9. Judging, playing and exhibiting

Your work will then be put on display during the in-person jam before being  judged by a panel of experts in art, media and heritage. We will upload the feedback from our judges shortly after this and email you when the results are live on the website!

Following the jam we will be in contact regarding the people’s choice award and the exciting opportunities we are pursuing for publication and further exhibition of the work.

We look forward to seeing all the incredible things you have created - and as always, please share your work in progress and get in contact with us if you have any further questions!


AuthorIan Kirkpatrick