I’m sure that is a question you’ve all been asking your selves in the lead up to this year’s Heritage Jam! But, the wait is over, today we can reveal to you what might be up for grabs if you are a winner of THJ2017, and also what you can expect to find in your goodie bags!


All of our gifts have been kindly gifted to us by our partners Leeds Museums and Galleries, Internet Archaeology, the Archaeological Data Service, and more!


All of our winners: in person and online, will receive a certificate and bragging rights along with the chance to work with us and feature as the star as we develop #THJ2017 into further exhibitions and publications.


For all our in-person participants we will be putting together a goodie bag, which will be full of little gifts you can take away from your Heritage Jam experience:

goodie bag prizes.jpg

This is an assortment of stickers, badges, bookmarks and postcards from all aspects of the archaeological/heritage sectors.


For the winners we have a selection of items from our wonderful partners, Leeds Museums and Galleries as well as our own extremely limited Heritage Jam mech - we won’t spoil the surprise of what these winners bags entail, so keep your eyes on social media on Saturday for the big reveal!


Some of our additional special judge’s choice and excellence prizes include ‘Heritage Jam’ designed tote bag, as well as a trowel shaped usb stick, two rare Internet Archaeology pins, and a selection of books, including: Archaeology a Good Practice Guide, or Working in Archaeology!


We hope this has got everyone excited to bring your best creative skills with you on Friday, we can’t wait to see what exciting innovative visualisations will be created!

Remember to keep updated via our social media accounts, see you soon!

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick