On the 29th of September three members of the Jam Team made their way to Leeds for an exciting day full of preparation ahead of the in-person Jam, held at the Leeds City Museum on the 27th to the 28th of October.  


As well as getting to explore Leeds City Museum, the location of this years jam we got to explore the ‘Skeletons: Our Buried Bones’ exhibition, which is the inspiration for our 2017 theme: ‘The Bones of Our Past’. The exhibition is a breathtaking experience - from the glass cabinets which housed the skeletons, to the colour of the walls, everything about the exhibition was a wonderful thought provoking example of heritage visualisation. We are looking forward to our Jammers getting the opportunity to visit this exhibition, and hope others can explore it too as it is a wonderful experience.  


The highlight of our visit to the museum was our chance to sit down and talk with one of the museum's curators Kat Baxter. The interview with Kat was a great opportunity for her to in part her knowledge and expertise of heritage visualisation. We asked her about what inspiration can be drawn from the museum as whole, as well as the themes that can be drawn from the Skeletons exhibition and the ethics that are involved when dealing with human remains. We would like to thank Kat not only for giving up her time to talk with us but for sharing her fantastic knowledge.

However, the Skeletons exhibition is just one example of how Leeds City Museum are both effective and evocative throughout all of their various exhibitions and collections. There are several collections which would be a great inspiration for Jammers this year looking to use other elements of the museum within their work.


AuthorIan Kirkpatrick