Anekantavada is our catch-word for the multiple narratives, individual perspectives, partial truths, and personal observations, that we shared.

About 'Anekantavada'

The team member’s diverse backgrounds, training and talents resonated powerfully with the depth and variety of their response to their visit to York Cemetery.  The ‘many-pointedness’ of this experience was expressed in the Jain idea of Anekantavada and found voice in the Four Quartets of TS Eliot.  Together this found expression in a visualisation which explored the multi-vocality of the cemetery, finding its finest expression in snippets of Eliot combined with the resurrecting power of RTI.

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Anekantavada - Eliot and RTI - Katie Campbell, Kat Foxton, Mary Garrison and Clara Molina Sanchez

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick