BONES is a lino-cut art print that explores ideas of gender, similarity and difference as applicable to the archaeological illustration of the bones of our past. This piece draws its aesthetic from a mixture of pop art and traditional wood cutting. The bones, as portrayed, are surrounded by a contrasting vacant space: a representation of what once was, that now has been lost.

The Visualization


Judges Comments

Zsolt Sándor commented that this piece was "visually pleasing. It's reminiscent of Andy Warhol pop-art, giving a playful interpretation and a mash-up between the science of archaeology and the creativity of an artwork." Paul Backhouse followed this up saying that it is "beautifully Illustrated and crafted, well laid out and presented."

For constructive critique the judges commented that extending it to additional cuts would have added to the visual rhetoric. In addition the concepts mentioned in the paradata were not always fully realised in the piece - some further investment in developing the lino cuts would assist in this. 

The judges enjoyed engaging with some traditional art techniques and commended the technical capacity involved in rendering the physical elements of the art prints. 

About the Creator

Tara Copplestone - Tara is a third year PhD student who explores creativity in the video game media form as a way to challenge archaeological method and theory. Her current research allows for a great deal of digital creativity, from which she took a rare break for THJ2017 to try her hand at some physical, analog art. 

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick