"Assemblage" is an archaeological card game that, through play, encourages the player to think archaeologically. The game is avaliable for you to download and play, so what are you waiting for? Grab the files and have a go!

The Visualization

Source Files

If you want to have your own set of W.T.F simply download and print the following files:

  1. Cards: Artifact Deck
  2. Cards: Events Deck
  3. Rules
  4. Tokens
  5. Board

Judges Comments

Our judges all really enjoyed the playful approach to archaeology and heritage. Zsolt S├índor commented that it is an "innovative and playful approach to the theme". Whilst Izzy Bartley commented that she "liked the incorporation of fictional storytelling into archaeology." Paul Backhouse went on to say that it was a "really good creative idea, which really aims to get people thinking in a fun way."

For constructive critique the judges felt that "the rules for this game quite difficult to understand" and needed some refinement to make the game easier to jump into. Some additional polish to the visuals would also help with drawing the players in. 

The #THJ2017 team were thrilled to see such a playful engagement with the past and look forward to seeing how this great project progresses in the future. 

About the Creator

Andrew Reinhard is an archaeology PhD student at the University of York interested in video game archaeology, specifically how games are artifacts and sites.

Blog: archaeogaming.com

Twitter: @adrenhard and @archaeogaming

Email: adr520@york.ac.uk

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick