"History in Bones" leverages bioanthropological to raise questions to the viewer about what we can learn from the bones of our past. 

The Visualization


You can download the visualization, in powerpoint form by clicking here. 

Judges Comments

Our judges were really impressed at the depth of questioning this piece. Paul Backhouse commented that "this is a really good start, and you have raised some interesting questions" with Matthew Tyler-Jones adding that it is "a nice typographical approach" that has the basis for a further reaching and engaging project. 

For constructive critique Paul said to "keep going back and exploring those questions. Explore in your own way and use the talents you have". Imran Ali and Ian Kirkpatrick added that it would be great to see interactivity added to the piece so that more information and engagement could be leveraged. 

The piece is a really strong start that explores the theme in a meaningful way - the potential is evident and we look forward to see what Julie creates in the future!

About the Creator

Julie Pybus is a History student at Bath Spa University

AuthorIan Kirkpatrick